Compilation failure on Debian Wheezy
Compilation error on Debian Wheezy, g++ 4.7.
Installed all the libraries explicitly required during cmake, except for SparseHash_new (I installed SparseHash though).

Attached file contains all the input & output during configuration and compilation.
I get several errors plus tons of warnings.

Decompressed file is 600 kB - it's composed of 3 sections, each enclosed in [code] BBCode tags.

Please note: the file type of the attachment is .txt.bz2, but this forum board doesn't allow me to name the file that way.

Attached Files
.txt   compile.txt (Size: 6,07 KB / Downloads: 161)

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It miss the important cmake part but you seem to miss portaudio library. By the way, if you compile manually, it might be better to use latest svn.

PS: you can use .xz (with xz tool)
Portaudio and libaio-dev were missing (I didn't see the latter explicitly required).
Successful compilation with latest SVN.

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