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I know how to go about compiling a program I have even written my own db editing program in vb. I just for the life of me can not figure out these errors.

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O'k. I do сompilation on newly installed debian/Lenny, so I could made small guide.

1) Packages, need to be installed (complete list, with exact names, don't miss it):

All other packages was already here, so probably you got them all to.

2) Obtain both pcsx2 and pcsx2-playground
svn checkout pcsx2-playground-read-only
svn checkout pcsx2-read-only

3) Copy from pcsx2 and pluggins to pcsx2-playground. It's easiest way to build every pluggins and binary at the same time.
Do not copy svn-specific files, other wise you repository at playground directory would be breaking.

4) And run sh all.

If you want to rebuild all, there is several issues:
1) some slight changes, you could use install
2) To rebuild only playground bilary, run in pcsx2 directory
3) If somebody change files in pcsx2/Linux directory, than you should made dist-clean before compilation.
As an addition to the Linux compilation guide posted, in the file, you will see a line that reads something along the line of:
export PCSX2OPTIONS="--enable-sse3 --prefix `pwd`"

This is where the options get passed when compiling. If you want to tweak your build a bit, this is where to do it. Here are the main options.

--enable-sse3 - tells pcsx2 that you have sse3, and to use code that takes advantage of it.
--enable-sse4 - same for sse4. Not very well tested.
--enable-debug - builds just that, a debugging build with no optimization, and all the symbols in the code to make it easy to debug. You would mainly use this if you wanted, for example, to know exactly where a game was crashing.
--enable-devbuild - Similar to the last option, this turns on various logging for pcsx2, to give you a lot more info about what pcsx2 is doing.
--disable-recbuild - Turns off the recompiler, which is where a lot of pcsx2's speed comes from. You almost never want to do this.
--disable-nls - Gets rid of locale support. Doubt you'll ever need to touch this.

Options that are currently in SVN, but not in the official build.
--enable-local-inis - I may have mentioned this one before, though I forgot that it was only in svn. This is actually from a patch from the Gentoo people, to change where the ini files were located, for people that don't want all the pcsx2 files in one folder. If you define LOCAL_PLUGIN_INIS in Linux/Linux.h in the official release, you'd get the same effect.

--enable-customcflags - Also for the Gentoo folk. It just simply makes sure that it uses any system-wide CFLAGS you have set up, in addition to the ones it needs. I may just put this permanently on at some point.

Other notable flags:
--prefix `pwd` - This tells it that the bin folder to install in is in the current directory. Otherwise, it goes straight to /usr/bin, IIRC.
--enable-vmbuild - This actually was broken badly, and I found no evidence that it had ever worked on Linux. So it's been removed for the moment.

Oh, and while current svn still doesn't have the plugins, there is now a bin folder in there you can use.
Yo, i followed the steps exactly, compiled with visual C++ 2008 express edition, but don't get an exe file generated anywhere, however i do get a Release directory generated with heaps of language files in them. I've searched the bin directory yet at no avail.

(12-13-2008, 11:44 AM)Blackclaw Wrote: Windows Based Guide (I'm no Linux user... bug arcum about that ^^)

What you need:

Windows ^^
Tortoise SVN -
Visual Studio 2008 -

Human Ressources:
-a brain
-basic PC knowlage
-ability to read, write and comprehend english

Step by step:

Step 1: Install the software (if you fail at that you might as well stop right here and check 4shared :/ )

Step 2: Create a Folder for the PPsvn (for the guide we use d:\pcsx2\

Step 3: Rightclick the new folder and choose "SVN Checkout" from the context menu (this option appears if you installed tortoise correctly)

Step 4: As URL paste
. Now click ok and let the tool do its work.

Step 5: There should be various subfolders now. Goto: D:\pcsx2\pcsx2\windows\VCprojects . There open the pcsx2_2008.vcproj (It should be linked to Visual Studio 2008 if you installed that correctly).

Step 6: Choose Release from the dropdown menu and after that let Visual Studio Build. An .exe file should appear in D:\pcsx2\bin\ now.

Congrats you just compiled ur own version of the Emulator.


I take no responsibility for and damage to ur PC, operating system, human body, social live or mental stability.
All mistakes in this text belong to me and are protected by international law.

Thank you and good night.
(12-16-2008, 12:01 PM)thebozo1 Wrote: Yo, i followed the steps exactly, compiled with visual C++ 2008 express edition, but don't get an exe file generated anywhere, however i do get a Release directory generated with heaps of language files in them. I've searched the bin directory yet at no avail.

Visual Studio Express cannot compile Pcsx2. It does not include the MFC/ATL libraries necessary to build and link the resource files for the Pcsx2 GUI. There is no (easy) way to install MFC/ATL for Express either, as Microsoft went to great lengths to make sure that it was next to impossible to do so.

If you want to compile Pcsx2 for yourself you must download the full version of Visual Studio, available from the link posted in that very message you quoted, as a 90-day trial.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
how can I compile pcsx2 playground by using VS2005 (missing project files) Sad?
You can't anymore,VS 2005 support was recently removed (it IS outdated anyway).You can get the VS 2008 90 day trial to compile it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
you CAN compile PCSX2 with 2008 Express - it'll complain about "afxres.h", so just change that to "afxresmw.h".

Everything will compile perfectly.
I got problems building it in linux.

I have installed all the dependences, and then copied the plugins directory and the from the pcsx2 to the pcsx2playgroud, but this is the error :

Building Graphics Synthesizer plugins...
Building ZeroGS OpenGL
make: *** No se especificó ningún objetivo y no se encontró ningún makefile. Alto.

Its in spanish, it says, No object was specified and no makefile found. Stop.
Do you run
sh all
or something else?

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