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can we compile the svn using visual studio 2008 beta 2 ?
i got an error
error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Assembling..."
is it due to the reason that i am not using the final version
i deselected the custom build tool from tool build order then i got another fatal error
some one please help me Sad

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@kannan: Looks like your beta copy is missing ml.exe, an asm compiler. You'd need the final version of VS 2008 either Retail or Express. Or you could try getting Masm, though i can't guarantee it will work, so i'd rather suggest going for up-to-date VS.

Oh, and confirming pcsx2 buildable on VS2008 Express SP1, tested on a fresh install of a nlite'd (stripped-down) installation of Win XP SP2 on a Vmware virtual machine. No extra sdks, no updates of any kind. Just XP and VS Express.
I just had to rename afxresmw.h to afxres.h to match the include in pcsx2.rc (though the reverse is possible). You might want to fix this.
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is msdn library needed
thank u very much i'll have a try and reply
i successfully compiled it under ubuntu 8.10 with this commands:

sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev libbz2-dev subversion libjpeg62-dev build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libxxf86vm-dev x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev automake1.9 libglew1.5-dev nvidia-cg-toolkit

svn co pcsx2-playground-read-only

svn co pcsx2-read-only

copy from pcsx2-read-only: "" and "plugins" (someone said this in this thread)

cd pcsx2-playground-read-only

sh all

i got only one problem, in windows there were more plugins then in ubuntu. i got only these plugins:
[Image: nf4136.jpg]

The GSdx plugins are missing and maybe others...
It's jist right. There is only few plugins that could be compiled under linux. And it seems you got them all.
the problem is it runs a lot faster in windows then in ubuntu =/ and the image is standing upside down when i launch a game ( i tested only vice city stories and crash bandicoot wrath of cortex)
the problem why it does run better under windows, its cause the plugin, in windows do u have GSDX, in Linux u have ZeroGS, and BTW, an old version of ZeroGs, so, thats why. I hope some day the ZeroGS projetct will revive from the ashes xD and zerofrog give us an update.
Well, i keep trying, but i got this error, after compiling the ZeroGS, and the Pad Plugin, and then it says Building Pcsx2, and after a bit, its just stop and says

VUflags.h: In function ‘void _vuOPMSUB(VURegs*)’:
VUflags.h:26: lo sentimos, sin implementar: falló la inclusión en línea en la llamada a ‘u32 VU_MACx_UPDATE(VURegs*, float)’: function body not available
VUops.c:1324: lo sentimos, sin implementar: llamado desde aquí
VUflags.h:27: lo sentimos, sin implementar: falló la inclusión en línea en la llamada a ‘u32 VU_MACy_UPDATE(VURegs*, float)’: function body not available
VUops.c:1325: lo sentimos, sin implementar: llamado desde aquí
VUflags.h:28: lo sentimos, sin implementar: falló la inclusión en línea en la llamada a ‘u32 VU_MACz_UPDATE(VURegs*, float)’: function body not available
VUops.c:1326: lo sentimos, sin implementar: llamado desde aquí
make[1]: *** [VUops.o] Error 1
make[1]: se sale del directorio `/home/juampii/pcsx2-playground-read-only/pcsx2'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
Error with building pcsx2

And what kinda problem is _
(12-16-2008, 07:28 PM)Nneeve Wrote: you CAN compile PCSX2 with 2008 Express - it'll complain about "afxres.h", so just change that to "afxresmw.h".

Everything will compile perfectly.

I Still can't get a correct compile with VS 2008 Express (pcsx2.exe) generated after changing the file name afxres.h to afxresmw.h

Same problem Wacko
Well, i can build de common PCSX2, but not this Playground, i download the source from the SVN, and then copied the plugin directory and the file, to the pcsx2-playground directory, but when im compiling, after compiling the ZeroGS, Pad plugin and another one i think, it starts to build the PCSX2, but then its just says error while trying to compile PCSX2, or something like that.

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