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arcum42 wrote main for playground version, so you could only copy plugins directory (without plugins/ But following:

cd pcsx2
make distclean
cd ..
sh all

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(12-19-2008, 02:36 PM)thebozo1 Wrote: I Still can't get a correct compile with VS 2008 Express (pcsx2.exe) generated after changing the file name afxres.h to afxresmw.h
You need VC++ 2008 Express SP1, MS finally decided to include the MASM with SP1 Wink
Hi, I ussed the MS Visual C++ Express Edition to do the compilation, and I have a few questions:

1- I'm obtaining a exe, called pcsx2td.exe. Is that ok?
2- Is it normal for R456 to be so SLOW? ToA seems to be fixed, no crashes at Cheagles Forest, but is running a lot slower than in R396.
Well, you obtained t - TLB, d - Debug build. Of course it slow, this is for developing usage, not for release. Use RELEASE target.
I'm sorry, but how do I do this in Visual C++ Express? I couldn't find this "release target" anywhere.
build -> configuration manager
Thank you very much. ToA works great in this version.
I'd like to point out that if you're a student, that you can get full VS2008 from Microsoft at Microsoft wants to interest students into coding for the Microsoft platform, so they offer a bunch of programs for free. They provide the files and the license key, so poor college students won't have to worry about downloading the trial or acquiring through other methods.

Keep in mind VS2008 is offered as an ISO. A 4 gigabyte ISO.
Wow thanks this helped me a lot with my pcsx2 playground !
So, does it compile all of the plugins when you do the release nondev for the pcsx2_2008?
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