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Compiling Code + Turn Texture Filtering Off ???
And a very good day to you,


I am trying to compile PCSX2 and remove the Software Rendering - Bi-Linear Filtering option so that in Street Fighter Alpha 3, the Graphics and Sprites do not look blury but has hard edges ...

Does anyone know where I can set or configure the source code to do this ?

The reason for this is because, SFA3 does not run on Hard Ware Rendering mode

It only works in Software Rendering mode

And in Software Rendering mode, the Bi-Linear Filtering option is switched on

And this gives the graphics and sprites a very burly look ... the edges of the graphics are all blur out

I was wondering if I can switch off this Bi-Linear Filtering option in the source code and then re-compile the source to get the PCSX2 binaries ... that it will run SFA3 without the blury look and feel ...

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and best regards as always.

Dr. David Bowman

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