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Compiling PCSX2 and Dolphin with the same Vistual Studio?
(05-31-2010, 08:19 AM)haxor Wrote: BTW .. The recompilers emitter that was written and is used now only produces x86-32 code .. atm .. so .. not really 64 bits available !! ..
Now I understand, PCSX2 is like Dosbox/WinUAE (their dynarec also produces x86_32 code only).

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From what I recall they didn't want to maintain multiple branches of the source which might have some bugs fixed in one but not the other and be a lot more work to maintain. So basically 64-bit wasn't gaining them enough to be worth the hassle and since everyone can run 32 bit code but not everyone can run 64-bit code. They killed the 64-bit branch and went with the 32-bit one.

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