Complete Noob Stella Deus
So Infact I am a Complete Noob!!! I got the pcsx2 and the game. Got it loaded can go to the new game continue menu can even start the game. But it is very very fast almost looks like my screen is throbbing. That is only in windows mode if i move it to any other mode with a HZ speed of 60 or mhz or w/e it just freezes at Playstation. When playing the very first video for the game it flickers very very very quickly going from black screen to a second on video to black screen soo quickly i feel like im gonna pass out lol.

Please help. Havent rly messed with any of the configs and if i did im noob so i dont know what i did here is my comp specs...

Intell Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz
4gb Ram
Vista 64 Ult
Nvidia 8800 gt 768 x2 SLI

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No problem with this game for me runs flawlessly up to the end.
Can you post a picture of the options of the differents plugins.
I use DX10 GSDX in hardware mode

Follow that guide, configure your emu correctly (pay special attention to the part where you can set frame limit) and then you'll become less of a noob and know what all the options do.
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