Complete list of ALL BIOS Types we can get online with??
Can someone please give me a complete list of all PS2 models whose BIOS files will work to get us online with the pcsx2 emulator? (Please include all foreign models too)

I am not certain which ones will work to get and play online and which ones wont. I know some models arent working online. Thats about all i know.

This information would be very useful to very many of us.

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The only one that you rip it from your own PS2.
(07-28-2009, 04:01 AM)Rebel_X Wrote: The only one that you rip it from your own PS2.

i have several. Please answer the question. DOnt waste my time or anyone elses, bro.

And like i said ive done some reading and some BIOS types dont work with the online emulator.
Well since you have several you could just try some and see if they work anyway, might be quicker than waiting too Tongue
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Theres no point in buying the materials to dump my BIOS information when i may not have the correct models. I hope someone with some sense in his head reads this. Im beyond tired of fools.
It's probably best not to insult both a respected plugin author, and one of the moderators of this forum. Maybe if you gave people some respect, they'd give you some in return...
uhm well I'm sorry if what I said sounded wrong. However saying the users being "fools" and that we're just "wasting your time" wont do you any good asking for help. If you wanna use PCSX2 you need a BIOS anyway, and if you can dump one bios you can dump the others just the same in your case with multiple PS2 models so might as well just try them.

But again I apologize if what I said didnt sound as good as "fools" and that i wasted your time.
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Why are you posting this in the plugins forum? And reporting a moderator's post, too... If you're going to complain about other people wasting your time, you shouldn't waste the time of others.
Many of the games that had online play no longer have servers any more so I wouldn't worry so much about online play.

Also, lol@attitude
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There is no specific model to play online with.

EVERY ps2 had online capability, admittedly the early PS2's required you to buy the HDD/Network module, but it still worked. Just dump A bios, make sure you have the NVM file too (with the same name as the main rom) as this stores your MAC address
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