Completely lost In need of experts
Ok I am no computer whiz. I saw this and though hey this'd be cool. I tried finding guides, but none of them made sense or worked for me. So far I downloaded PCSX2, Cg, and X11. I have a macbook pro with snow leopard. I'm looking to play FFX-2. Anything input you have would be great!!!!! I hope I'm posting in the right place.
P.S. I own the game and the reason why i DON'T play it on my PS2 is because it broke and I don't know how to fix it. I also want to know how to put the game onto my mac. I don't want to do anything Illegal so help me stay Legal!!! Smile

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Sadly, one of the requirements of PCSX2 in general (not just on MACs), is a BIOS image you need to pull off your PlayStation 2 console.
This involves having it modded somehow to run homebrew applications.
If you do not have a chip installed in it, or some tools like Swap Magic, then you cannot get your BIOS file.
Without the BIOS file, you cannot legally use PCSX2.
Ok thanks. How long would that take. And does that require me to buy anything? Thanks for helping me. I really need it
Best if you ask a computer / tech savvy person you know Tongue2
But yeah, there's several methods to make your ps2 boot homebrew, the easiest beeing a memory card exploit
(if you have one of the old, fat consoles) or Swap Magic.
Swap Magic costs a bit, the exploit can be had free, if you know someone with a modded console.

Again, it's best if you ask one of the tech guys you know Tongue2
Ok cool thanks. Ya I have an old fat one sooo. Man I wish it would start working again so I didn't have to do this. Sad face. Well what do you digest I do to find a tech Savy person. Should I just continue this thread or something different. Or if you know any excellent tutorials.
So I'm still open to more input. Please post if you can help me
Thanks I'll be sure to check those out!

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