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I have been poking around here and Google looking for a guide on how to run PCSX2. I see many guides on how to set it up and configure it to run, but I was looking more for a guide on how to use PCSX2 and its features. Specific things like what each function key does and how to get the most out of it, video recording and any other thing I may not know that you can do with the emulator. I saw a thread about the function keys but it only lists a few of them. I saw that there were function keys reserved for the GPU as well, but no real explanation into it. If this has already been discussed, could someone link me to it? Thanks for any help!

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When you download the PCSX2 package, there are a couple of PDF documents in there, I think they list all the function keys and shows what they do. That PDF has a lot of useful info in it. Wink
I definitely see that now that I looked into the Program Files folder. It does list the hot keys, but still not a lot of detail. One question I have is where does the video file go when you are done recording and is it playable by VLC (or other player) or do you need to change formats? A comprehensive explanation of everything would be awesome...
You choose the path where the video file it goes at the folder you chose Tongue And yes it should be playable with any decent player
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Where do you have the option to set where the video file goes? I have been looking around for it...

Edit: Never mind found a thread already about it. I will post later if I have any questions.

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