Compressed Files (zip, rar,7Z)

I have looked around and was unable to find if PCSX2 can run games from compressed files. I currently have all my games in 7z but if another compression is supported then I would be willing to convert them. I have tried to load the 7z with no success. If it does support compressed file can someone please let me know how? Do I need some plugin?


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I believe it can run compressed iso's, but I don't remember exactly what the formats it supports are.. As zip is the most common compression format out there, I'd start with trying those.
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it could be found one of the plug-ins included in pcsx2 0.9.4 and 0.9.6
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The main compression form supported is CSO. Zip, rar, and 7z archives are not supported, iirc.
if I remember correctly, it also supports gzip compressed isos.
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Thank you everyone for your help. I really Like this emulator. I really wish it supported a common compression at least something useful like 7z.
(07-03-2019, 07:36 PM)Zeroblade Wrote: at least something useful like 7z.
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7z would actually be less useful. The thing to remember is, 7z, zip, and rar are all archive formats. They do compress files, but they are intended to store multiple files into one, save space, and be used for mass file transfers (e.g. moving files over slow internet connections/old and slow USB devices).

The formats PCSX2 supports, CSO and as someone else pointed out GZip, are compression formats. These don't behave as archives, they just compress a file to be smaller. Way more effective, and it means the image can simply be decompressed, rather than having to manage a compression file system, and then extract an image file from inside of it.
(07-03-2019, 08:55 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Warning....
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Yes I am a "noob" on this forum if that's what you meant (see my title under my username … it says Newbie), but as far as everything else, not so much. What I meant by some useful compression like 7z is that most of the places where the PS2 ISO's are available are already compressed in 7z. This is excellent as it takes less time to download the ISO than if it was not compressed and takes up less space oh the hard drive. It is unfortunate that PCSX2 does not run the game directly from the compressed file as a lot of other emulators for different systems are able to run their ROM's from the compressed files. All I was trying to state is that this would be a handy feature as the Internet seems to feel that the PS2 ISOs are best served in 7z. 

Yes 7z is an Archive format but it is quite useful for compression. My current library of PS2 games takes up 2.5TB compressed in 7z. Uncompressed they take up somewhere around 6TB. The Difference in space is useful storage I can use to store other ROM's or ISO's that if PCSX2 ran the 7z File directly I wouldn't have to use to decompress the ISO. 

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