Compressed image support
I'd like to start working on support for compressed ISOs. Is anyone working on this yet?

Also, gregory, you mentioned "support for disk.iso.xz" - do you mean XZ format specifically or support for other compression algorithms as well - GZip, BZip, LZMA, etc?

My motivation is entirely selfish - my laptop's builtin SSD is 32 GB - not upgradable. ~25% of my space is PS2 games, and at least 2 GB could be freed with compression.

Posted here since I don't have permission to create threads under the dev forum.

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PCSX2 already support Gzip and CSO. But it would be much better to support the XZ format too.
* XZ contains a builtin index data. So you don't need to generate them
* Compression ratio is likely the best

I would suggest to download the xz-utils package to have an example of the liblzma API.

Now I'm really, really - nope. I'm not even going to try to respond to that - I'd probably put a bunch of expletives.

You would NOT believe the trouble I've had with not having enough space - I got a USB HDD - which broke less than three weeks later. I need to return it ASAP and get a SSD instead, but until then, ARGH! Now I am really, really annoyed.

I'll start work on this in the next couple of days. Accidentally pulled an all-nighter last night, and I have an important meeting tomorrow, so it might be delayed a bit.

That and I need to find a way to compress the games I have.
I'm sorry but I don't understand why you are mad to my answer.
I hadn't realized PCSX2 already had gzip support. I could've saved ~3GB of my total 32GB.
PCSX2 also supports bz2 - but it's via a CDVD plugin, and it uses a proprietary storage format (which the plugin can also compress to). For standard formats, gzip and CSO it is. For now.
On Linux, only CDVD giga is supported. There are others CDVD plugin but they have various Linux integration issue.

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