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Compressed image support
I'd like to start working on support for compressed ISOs. Is anyone working on this yet?

Also, gregory, you mentioned "support for disk.iso.xz" - do you mean XZ format specifically or support for other compression algorithms as well - GZip, BZip, LZMA, etc?

My motivation is entirely selfish - my laptop's builtin SSD is 32 GB - not upgradable. ~25% of my space is PS2 games, and at least 2 GB could be freed with compression.

Posted here since I don't have permission to create threads under the dev forum.

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PCSX2 already support Gzip and CSO. But it would be much better to support the XZ format too.
* XZ contains a builtin index data. So you don't need to generate them
* Compression ratio is likely the best

I would suggest to download the xz-utils package to have an example of the liblzma API.

Now I'm really, really - nope. I'm not even going to try to respond to that - I'd probably put a bunch of expletives.

You would NOT believe the trouble I've had with not having enough space - I got a USB HDD - which broke less than three weeks later. I need to return it ASAP and get a SSD instead, but until then, ARGH! Now I am really, really annoyed.

I'll start work on this in the next couple of days. Accidentally pulled an all-nighter last night, and I have an important meeting tomorrow, so it might be delayed a bit.

That and I need to find a way to compress the games I have.
I'm sorry but I don't understand why you are mad to my answer.
I hadn't realized PCSX2 already had gzip support. I could've saved ~3GB of my total 32GB.
PCSX2 also supports bz2 - but it's via a CDVD plugin, and it uses a proprietary storage format (which the plugin can also compress to). For standard formats, gzip and CSO it is. For now.
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On Linux, only CDVD giga is supported. There are others CDVD plugin but they have various Linux integration issue.

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