Computer Crashing
I've been playing Final Fantasy XII on the pcsx2 0.9.7 for a while, and my computer keeps randomly crashing. This used to happen on other games, due to overheating. There doesnt seem to be any difference in any of the plugins i run, or at any setting.

Well... lets see... I have:
-AMD Athlon™ II X4 635 Processor, 2.9Ghz
-6gb DDR3 RAM
-ATI 5750 GPU, 1gb, 840 CC, 1405 MC
-about 300 gigs free of 1 tb
-ps3 controller
-all the latest drivers (double checked)

I have completely ruled out overheating from GPU and CPU:
-GPU never reaches over 52c during gameplay, computer only shuts down at over 65c.
-CPU, although runs at 30-60% capacity during gameplay, it only reaches 36c, computer only shuts down at over 55c.

Anything I should try? Any help is welcomed! Smile

Just noticed a symptom, (get your House on) usually see a couple of screen flashes that last about .2 seconds. one about 1-2 mins before the crash, then another just before crashing.

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Screen flashes and crash looks more like it could be a graphic card or driver issue so you could try a different one (latest doesn't mean best so try some older ones).

You say the computer shuts down after 55ºc? That's a low temperature to be causing problems. Maybe not so much overheating issue but it's clearly some instability going on and if I had to guess I'd say your PSU just isn't adequate for your system. What PSU brand and specs do you have?
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Like what Shadow Lady said. Are you doing any overclocking? Intel Quadcore CPU don't throttle or shut down until 100c Wink I also suggest you replace the thermal paste and/or get a better cpu cooler, if it's not a power supply issue.

My PSU is a 750w XFX, no problem there. Ill try some different drivers however, thanks for the tip!

and yea, CPU cap is 70c, got 55c somewhere else, no idea where. but I've never seen my CPU temps hit 40c. it stays cool.


I overclock my GPU, and have tried without the overclock. Either way, it doesn't change. And like i said, its not the overheating problem, CPU stays cool, GPU is not under much stress from the pcsx2 emulator.
hmmm, dont know where to reach these older drivers, any chance i can get a link?

its an ATI Radeon HD 5750, brand is HIS.
Newer drivers is recommended for the most part. What tool or program do you use to measure the temperature? I use AIDA64 and CoreTemp.
I have used coretemp64, speed fan, and various other programs.
Now im almost sure its the game...
is there any set up i should use for playing to reduce the chance of it crashing?
im not to picky, as long as it doesnt make the game insanely glitchy, or make all walls see through like it does with the ZeroG plugin.
You probably have a bad dump or iso, so try redumping the game and use gsdx graphic plugin.
He did mention it happened with other games, doubt PCSX2 is directly related really :/
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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