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Computer Crashing
@ Shadow Lady

Pretty sure its not, but no other game or program does that anymore except the emulator. all the overheating issues were fixed, and that's the only other thing that caused my computer crashes. I attempted to use the older drivers i found, but they still shown the same results.

@ Tauming

kk ill try redumping, but i was using GsdX as it was the only plugin i can use other than zeroGS, which i hate, due to the fact that it makes all characters visible behind walls. >.<

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nope, dumping dont work...

i have found a setup that seems to reduce crashing, but not by too much... makes it at least playable.

still waiting on any other ideas
Please report the EE and GS values (found on the title bar in windowed mode, near the FPS).

Remember PCSX2 is intensive on CPU and basing on former posts, you are getting very odd lectures. Changing the throttle protection to activate under lower temps does not change the heating factor, it only grants the computer to power off sooner or just disable itself to prevent damage. The default values are good enough and should not be tampered without deep analyze of the situation.

Emulators should not be compared with native games, they are totally different "animals", in a PC native game the load is fairly distributed between CPU and GPU, in emulation much of the graphics need yet be preprocessed before being delivered to the video card, meaning more CPU resources drain.

My advice is to play windowed at least while troubleshooting the issue, keep a temp monitor active all the time and keep an eye on it.
Last but not the least, although your PSU is more than enough you should not discard the possibility of being defective or some loose cable, try removing and tender but firmly reinserting them. Do the same for your memory sticks. I could suggest doing the same for the CPU and having good and enough thermal paste to replace the old one, but that is a procedure that should not be attempted except by well trained technicians. Even the Drive connections should be verified, and in an extreme case even the daughter boards (like the video card itself where apply) removed and reinserted to minimize the chance of loose contacts.
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@nosisab Ken Keleh

Thank you for your suggestions, i will re-seat my components and give that a try.

standby for EE and GS values...
EE: 60-100%
GS: 5-50%
Try out a newer version of pcsx2 and hope for the best.

isn't 0.9.7 the latest version? >.>
I think you need to get your eyes check. It's tuanming, not taunming Wink I'm talking about the revision version, not the beta that you download from the main website. You're probably using pcsx2-0.9.7-r3878 but I'm on r4404. If you want it, google it and if you have issue with it don't come back here and cry or whine about it because it's not supported here.
@"T-U-A-N-M-I-N-G" (and not "taunming")

ahh, ok..... ill check that out Wink

no need to be an ass... just because you know or notice something I don't, or because I cant complete posts without typos. >.>

but again, thanks for the suggestion! Wink
Same Problem
Edit: Nevermind still messed up

Before i would get about 4'30", now about 10' of run time into the game and bam, computer just shuts down, no flash. Game running well up till my computer is deciding to shut down.

Switched to native resolution going well so far

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