Computer Illiterate question
Bear in mind I am horribly computer illiterate, but try anyways. Sometimes I need help DX

I have PCSX2 downloaded, up and running, and for the most part correctly configured. I have an ISO for Final Fantasy X, and am trying to run it on this. But im not sure how to mount (is that the word I should be using here?) it, I configured the CDvdrom to Linuz CDVD 0.8.0 and selected the ISO image, hit okay. But, I am just so confused on what to do next. If i try to run or execute it says i need a bios. Im not asking where to get a bios from the internet, yada yada, I read your rules. But what should I be selecting for the bios thing. Currently selected is C:/Program Files/pcsx2/bios . Should it be something else? Any help would be appreciated!

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if u have no bios in that folder than it would be no good..
if u have a bios in that folder u can go to config>plugin/bios selector and see if it pops up in the tab there..
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BIOS is the Basic Input/Output System for the PS2. Think of it sort of as the operating system the PS2 uses to play it's games.

To get a BIOS, you must use software available on this site (or others) that allows you to dump your BIOS from your actual physical PS2.
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