Config Guide 1.2.1, updated netplay plugin, updated compatibility list
I finally got around updated the configuration guide for the 1.2.1 release with all the new features and also adding some new plugins that most people don't know about Smile You can check it out here as usual and you can find instructions on translating it to your language here.

I have also updated our netplay plugin DEV9giga-razi to include the latest fixes brought by two contributors in Git, MrColdbird and Bigpet whom we thank for their nice contributions. The plugin should crash much more rarely than it did before, so we hope it will be usable for those who couldn't run it. You can get it at our windows plugins download section.

Finally, thanks to a lot of contributions from forum members (DESTRUIDOR,JBoughter,Altomar and many others), our compatibility list has been updated and expanded, so take a look to check if your game is working in the latest PCSX2 version and nice settings for it to get around its problems.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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of all the people I didn't expect. coldbird was #1 but it's good to see him aboard to help, he's a great developer, and was part of the main reasons for the PSP scene. Here's to hoping all goes smoothly from now on Smile

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