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Im trying to play Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel and it runs fine till i get to a fight, when that happens the fps drops to about 20. Im using the newest beta client and im not sure what configs to put, or if thats even the problem.

Computer Specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel® Celeron® CPU 900 @ 2.20 GHz, 2.19GHz
Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

and idk what else to put

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Your processor is going to be the biggest problem. The Celeron 900 is only a single core processor and of intel's budget line at that. You're just not going to get very good speed out of that. Any real actiony scenes are going to kill your FPS and there isn't anything you can do about it aside from getting a faster dual core processor.
its not just actiony scenes, its really anything that includes my player moving. Oh i have DirectX 10 but for some reason when i try to use it in the games, it makes my computer crash, why is that?
probably because you don't have the latest updates for directx:

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The DX10 plugin has never been very good with Intel Integrated cards, maybe if you updated your GSdx it would be better.

For your speed problem you could try enabling all speedhacks including "x2 cycle rate" and "vu cycle stealing" set to moderate or higher and maybe set the clamp modes in "config > advanced" settings to none but as said before because of your current machine it might still be too slow.
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how do i update it exactly when i go to that link?
.... download open and install... or did you mean the gsdx thingy?
you click on first link (the one at the top ^^)
download it open it with winrar or 7z
take the GSDX SSSE3.dll (or something like that) and put it in your plugin folder
then configure pcsx2 to use the right gsdx version (the number you downloaded with SSSE3 must be in the name)

ask if you need more Tongue
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okay thanks, i tried all that but the display driver still doesnt like to work with 10 ^^
Are you sure your integrated graphics card can even use DirectX 10? Considering how old your machine is, it's likely that it can't.
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yes i use it for aero and other games, its actually not old -_-''

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