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Config Issues
Every time I bring up the program, it tells me to Configure PCSX2, So then I set the bios, and it tell me I have an error with my bios. Then I set my bios a second time, and it works. I configure everything else, and it all winds up working (This part has been consistant on multiple occasions) Then when the game loads up, and I try to select 'New Game' I find out that my controls arn't working. So I reload the program again, and configure everything, and get it all set up, and when I go back into the controls config tab, it turns out it dosn't save any of my preferences. No matter how many times I set my controls, and how many times I click apply, they never save. IS there any way to get past this?

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Install in C:\Games\PCSX2

To avoid similar permissions problems with any game, be used to install in that C:\Games. BTW do not install in C:\Program Files folders and you'll spare yourself many headaches.
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Thanks for the help, but I'm still slightly confused. Do I reinstall the program into a different folder, and if so, where, I can't find just a straight up games folder under C:\, or should I just move the PSCX2folder there?
Okay, so what I did was that I created a new folder in my hard drive labelled 'Games' and moved PCSX2 there along with the bios, but it's still giving me the same problems
Well, if you just moved the folder it is a good idea deleting the former ini files and letting the emulator rebuild the paths. This step (installing outside the C:\Program Files) helps avoiding permission issues but will not help if the BIOS is invalid.

Post screenshot with the actual messages.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I only really get two messages, the first one is just saying 'PCSX2 needs to be configured' and I get that every time I load the program, and the second message says, 'Could not load GS plugin 'plugins': <NULL>' and that happens every time I press okay, after configuring the first time, but once I redo all the steps I did the first time, a second time, I don't get that message and it let's me continue. I mean, having to redo everything all the time is annoying, but I'd still be able to play the game with it. The biggest problem I have, is that every time I set up the controls, it never saves, so I can't actually control the game
You clearly have "permission issues" and it seems you are just spreading it all about the system. Delete every install folder you already used (including that on the Documents folder), if you ever ran as The Administrator it's more valid yet.

Backup the BIOS and delete everything else. Install the emulator from scratch, in a non protected folder, and the problems should disappear.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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