Config help
Hi, i've been trying to get a few games to work on pcsx2
I've tried many dif versions and a whole bunch of settings, but the games run very slow Tongue2
The games I've tried to play so far are FFXII and RE4
I've tried a whole bunch of settings but some either run very slow or the GFX are buggy or somtimes cant see a thing o.0

Here are my computers specs, hopefully i can find a config to play my games on if not oh well ill just play on the old' PS2 Smile

windows xp sp2
AMD phenom 8450 x3 @ 6.33GHz
Geforce 8400GS Dx 9.0c

Thanks in advance to whom ever can help me out Smile

EDIT: well i was able to get the moive sences from FFXI working quite well so far using a setting with gsdx 1.8
hopfuly i can smoth out the game play as well Smile

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