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Config xbox 360 controller vibration?
i tried google ever tutorial about configure lilypad in pcsx 0.9.8 but my xbox controller just dont vibrate in game (it works fine in other windows game like fable, DMC..)
So where did i messed up?

[Image: qxeSh.jpg]

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click on big motor and small motor and then apply it should work now.
You haven't actually added the device/motor to the assignments list.
Found this old thread, figured I won't create a new one.

I'm a newb and I'm trying to get in-game vibration using an Xbox 360 wireless controller on version v1.1.0 r5423 and LilyPad snv 0.11.0.
It's not clear to me what I should do. In the settings, if I click on Big Motor and Small Motor, I get the vibration, but it seems to be just a test. What am I supposed to assign and where's the assignment list?

[UPDATE: Nevermind, I got it]

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