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I was hoping to get a bit of help configuring my pcsx2 emulator. I have gone through the configuration guide and it just is not working. I don't know if the way I am setting it up is just not right for my PC specks or what. So here are my specks and if anyone can let me know the proper setting for my PC I would greatly appreciate it..

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
AMD Turion 2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobeile M600 2.4 GHz
4096 RAM
DirectX 11
AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200

If anymore info is needed let me know what it is.

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Something more detailed than 'just not working' would be appreciated.
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Even though it is necessary to have more information than 'just not working' I can guess your problems, as I'm currently testing PCSX2 for Ubuntu x86 and Windows x64 on a similar machine.

My advice would be overclock your CPU, aim for ~3.0GHz to be safe.

Even then you still won't be running many games at above 75-80% speed.
and also gudluck on overclocking a laptop
Ok so it was suggested to me that I go download the beta 0.9.7, so I did and I got it to start but after the Sony Entertainment screen it goes black.
Post your settings, plugins used and game you are trying to run.
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Here is a screen shot of my settings. As for the game the same thing is happening with all games.

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These are just your plugins, not your PCSX2 settings and plugin settings. In particular make sure Vsync is disabled on GSdx and from your video card drivers. Also make sure you haven't enabled frame skipping
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