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First sry for bad English

I have the PS2 Emulator Pcsx2_Pg_1.0.0395 downloaded from the the main page and i want to play Tekken 5...have the game configure the Emulator and there are a porblem:
1. Sound dont works good have plugin-P.E.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0
2. When the fight begins at the game ,the game and sound lagg grafic plugin GSdx 872m

So pls help me

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Are you one with Core2 Duo @4GHz processor? If no, than Tekken 5 seems to have usual behavour.
I dont have Core2 Duo @4GHz processor.

So is the problem with the computer

maybe i need only a other grafic or sound plugin
Hello. I download pcsx2_pg_396_linux_x86 release, configure it, but when i start the game, i see black screen, but listen music.
I try to play GTA: LCS and Alien Hominid - The Morgue.

My systems:
CPU: Pentium IV 2.6 Ghz
OS: Ubuntu 8.10

Is problem in my system or in video plugin?
Try to change some configure on sound plugin
can some1 help me with my problem??...
im having a problem running God of War 2. even with previous version of the emulator. i really want to play this game. i downloaded the pcsx2_pg and still cant play a single game. everytime i run the emulator and run the cd/dvd. it will be close automatically. and the "send error report/dont send" thing always appear. i got the bios and the plugins. but still cant play god of war 2. please help. thanks.

heres my spec.
windows xp sp3
intel pentium dual cpu e2160 @ 1.80ghz
2046mb ram
geforce 7300 (256mb) / directx 9.0c
God of War 2 doesn't work yet anyway,do a search before posting.
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