Configuration Presets
I find each game I play on the PCSX2 requires different settings for optimal results. Now it would be a pain to reconfigure each time. And for now I have been manually writing each setting to a notepad file so I don't forget. Could the dev team program the option for save/load config presets?

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Very true, they will probably implement this at some point unless they get so far that settings make very little difference. Right now though I think they are busy making the emulator more accurate. And you can actually do this with the command line already, but its not the simplest thing for the basic user. You can read about it here if you wish:
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I think the devs would like to include some kind of in-built preset (or profile) system for games in the long run. It's just, there's much more benefitial things for them to be working on (compatibility and such).

Besides, there is a way to do this for yourself. Check the Useful Links of the F.A.Q.
Well yes, if they improve the compatibility of games there will be little use for the presets.
Perhaps. But, perhaps there will always be a need for Speedhacks in some situations. Wink

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