Configuration and Settings not saving.
Hi guys,

I just found a post like this that got closed before any resolution. Any ideas on what the problem is?

Also, how do I create memory card files?

I'm currently using an EU BIOS and playing originals from my DVD-drive.

Regards/ Richie

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Nevermind guys! Found an old post.

For reference it needs to be run as an administrator and copied to a folder in your Users (or subfolder) file for Vista users.

Please note guys, that the read-me that the woman who replied months ago refers to isn't readily available, maybe update the future installer to allow it to be read or placed on desktop or linked in startmenu? Or maybe even check for version 6 windows and change the install path accordingly?
Note : Still didnt help, got it running as admin, and although it saved the bios and locates memorycards, theres a still a problem with saving graphics, drives and controller settings...
Its lagging quite a bit on a Q6600 and 4850 ATI... any help? Its set to no interlacing...
Its FFXII and it seems it's just videos lagging.

Also, anyone know how to make the Window the same size as the resolution? I'm playing in 16Sad but the windows being forced to 4:3
Is there any way to load a PS1 bios in?
Not a bug report, also please dont make multiple posts like that.

Change the stretch option in GSdx or use a widescreen option in ZeroGS/ZZOgl, I recommend you read the configuration guide so you dont have to ask every small thing.

Why would you want to load a PS1 bios?
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