Configuration for PCSX2 - VIDEO
Game: Final Fantasy XII Laugh

Problem:The audio was good, but the video is delayed or lagging. They are not sync together. Can anyone help me with this? i'm not pro in specs of the computerExcl

Processor: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
OS: Windows 7 32-Bit
Ram: 2GB
Audio: VIA High Definition Audio Huh
Graphics: Default - No Video Card Ninja
I check thru "dxdiag" i cant find the word "Graphics".
Sorry! as i told you, i'm not good in SPECS. Mellow

PCSX2 version: PCSX2 1.2.1 (r5875)


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Try software mode, and set synchronize from timestretch to async mix in SPU settings.
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(08-25-2014, 07:16 PM)KeyToTruth12 Wrote: Try software mode, and set synchronize from timestretch to async mix in SPU settings.

I already did that awhile ago. The audio is good, i don't have any technical problem about the audio.

The main problem is the video - it's way too lag.Sad
I think you don't have any GPU, so press F9 to switch to SM.
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Key, can you not read. The OP did that already.

Honestly that cpu probably isn't going to be enough. -
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^ well, since he was only mentioning the audio, I thought he haven't pressed it.

And yeah, what Nobbs says.
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FFXII is quite a heavy game, I tried playing it a couple years ago with my Athlon x2 6000+ @ 3 Ghz game ran horrible in cities, but as soon as I got outside it was doable, but still only 75% of the full fps.
I recommend you check your video driver and update

maybe you can gain more speed

I have the same processor, think that in mode software(press F9) your pc will be very slow.

you can search the driver here ( (if you only know all your pc specs)

but the game is extremely heavy, in the channel( PCSX2)
the spec are slightly insane
I wouldn't call those insane. They seem pretty average to me.
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FFXII is not a heavy game at all.
You just need a dual core which is not 10 years old.

The cpu of op should be sufficient if he doesn't mind some lags during very intense scenes...

Just enable all recommended speedhacks. (Tickboxes)
Check if MTVU helps. For my dualcore (E6600) it was a performance gain.
I think I set EE cycle rate to 2 or 3. To avoid slowdowns in the menu.
Set synchronization mode in SPU2-X to async mix instead of timestretch.

Rabanastre was playable at full speed. I think some boss fights had lags...

Well all of that is true if there is a graphics card.... Otherwise you will be gs-limited and not by the core...

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