Configuration for Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden
ok i don´t know where i can ask about help configuration for the super robot taisen original generation gaiden they just deleted my post, the game just run really slow 15-25fps, i really need help about this one.

how can i speed it up?

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They deleted it because you probably havent read any information on the site already that really does answer every question you could ever have about configuration. Go read the configuration guide.
try use DX9 renderer in the GSdx graphic settings
DX10 is slow.
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You might need speedhacks like reducing EE cycle rate 50% and moderate or maximum VU stealing [wait loop hack helps a lot], change your round and clamping to nearest and none. By the way, what are your system specs? Those explain everything. The only game I have running real-time in execution speed is Final Fantasy X, FFXII runs 20% below realtime and MGS3 (one of the hardest games) runs about 20-30 FPS [meaning it *might* be quite playable on a Core 2 Duo at or above 3 ghz]

You should try the latest beta because until I did I only got about 30 FPS on FFX at best with speedhacks and good plugins. Now I'm still getting 30-50 FPS rendering-wise but the time-frame has been nearly doubled so it's basically frame skipping without frame skipping. My video card isn't the bottleneck so it's just my CPU.
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ok thank you everyone i finally know what was the problem i just needed a betterr video card and more RAM
I have a peculiar problem, only in SRW OG, sometimes, only sometimes, when i push the left stick left-right it moves the cursor AND rotates the map as well. After a few seconds it returns to normal and just moves the cursor. Highly annoying. Does anyone else have that, or is it my gamepad breaking down ? Never had such problem in any other game to date.

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