Configuration for Topway gamepad for playing FFXII flawlessly
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Hi, i'm new here though I want to contribute some tips for those who had a hard time setting their Topway gamepad (or similar gamepad which has 12 programmable button) to play FFXII.

If you are reading this, maybe you have encountered these problems:-
i) Have problem controlling analog stick to control camera and movement.
ii) Have control with d-pad binded with left analog stick. This problem occur when you get Panello as team member. When you tried to move forward, the changing team leader screen will pop-up.
iii) When you want to move camera up or down, menu will appear.

Either way, try this. I found it works for me. Assuming you have installed the latest driver for your gamepad.

My gamepad. I don't have enough money to buy Logitech's. But hey, this baby works and its cheap!
[Image: image.php?object_id=100&image_id=100]

My settings.

The trick is, first, map all your buttons (except the d-pad and Right analog stick) with Analog mode ON. Then, turn OFF your Analog mode (by pressing the analog button on your gamepad) and map d-pad and your right analog stick. Now you will have the d-pad as Hat Switch N,E,S,W and right analog as Z axis!

Save the bindings. In the game, play the game with analog mode turned OFF. That's it. Happy FFXII-ing. Rolleyes

I hope this will help those who still have problem configuring their gamepad properly.

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