Configuration for fantasy final X
Hello I n arrive not has to configure pcsx2 to play has fantasy final X it ram has make nevertheless j have a quite new pc here is my information on my compose dual - Core processor processor AMD athlon 7450 2.40GHz memoire ram 3g 6150th graphics board Nvidia geforce of which 2.75 useful nforce 430
Voila I does not include why his(her,its) ram thank you for m to help

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please post screeenshots of your error & settings, it'll be easier for us all.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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RAM : 16 Go
He does not mark me d error but games and really very slow

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Your on-board video card is absolutely horrid and it is the cause of your slowdowns.

Best bet is to try native resolution in the graphics plugin, but you probably shouldn't expect much. Spend $50 or so and get a cheap-o vid card. Anything would be better than that onboard.
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Wrong section, moved.
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download the latest beta..
ur plugins a lil old i see..
anyway like Koji said just find some new GC..
anthing would perform better than ur GC now
with ur rig like that right now its hard to play at decent speed
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