Configuration's for XBOX Controller
Not sure if this is where this goes, or somewhere else as this is not a direct problem with the PCSX2 system if this isn't the place I would be more than obliged to have this moved or repost elsewhere. I decided to take a chance on 40 bucks and bought a 360 controller to use with my computer for the emulator.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with binding the keys or a guide on how to bind the keys to be able to use the controller in the emulator. Or if I need a separate controller plugin to use it entirely. I have the Xbox 360 Controller emulator program as well.
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"Xbox 360 Controller emulator"

not required on a 360 controller using the common class drivers.

open up the lilypad config screen, untick the DirectInput tickbox and tick the Xinput tickbox if its now.
on the button screen, click the PS2 equivalent button on the UI then pres a button on the controller.
Or use my Pokopom plugin and be done with it. Shameless, but totally relevant.
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