Configurations for Nvidia 8400 GS
I really need help with my pcsx2 coz im planning to play midnight club 3 dub edition remix. so before i start i wanna know my best configs. I know you guys are experts to this so i really need a lil' help. Oh btw, if you're going to tell me I need to buy a new PC (or pc parts), For now I can't coz I need something important. Laugh

My specs are:
Nvidia 8400 GS 512 mb
2Gb Ram
Core 2 Duo E7400 something 2.80 Ghz
Windows XP

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I don't have Midnight Club 3, but as an advice by way of broad strokes, and considering that buying a new part is out of the question:

-Use native internal resolution
- try to use Directx9 hardware mode
- disable alpha correction (FBA) and untick "Allow 8bit textures" (these two options will put a lot of stress on the videocard)
- The card supports DX10 so try to use it as well, and make comparisons (dx10 is supposed to be faster than dx9 mode, but in dx10 mode you can't disable alpha correction or it doesn't need it? am not sure)

I use the same card for my other PC, so i'm talking from experience (fyi, I've tried its dx10 capability on DM4, it ran, but it's slower than dx9. The card is simply underpowered, not just by the core clock, but its shader clock).
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As i also do not have the game i'm not sure how hard it is to emulate.. But
as you are using Windows xp you can't get directx 10 and being that the 8400 gs is an entry level card it probably wouldn't do well with dx10 anyway.
If possible overclock your CPU as the emulator is relies heavily on the CPU over video card most, if not all, the time.

try checking the native box, uncheck allow 8 bit textures, I'm not sure about alpha correction as with dx10 you can't disable it.

As always try your luck with speed hacks and try getting full speed. good luck to you and happy gaming.
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oh yah, i forgot winxp doesn't have dx10 *scratches head*

I don't think he needs to OC his cpu though. My e5200 was enough for some games by using only the EE sync hacks. The games that he can't run close to fullspeed on his cpu are probably the games that he can't run even if he OCs to 3 ghz. (and he wasn't ready to shell out dough for a new vidcard, much less a cooling solution just for pcsx2)

edit: googled the cpu and corrected/removed my comment about its architecture.
[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
if im not mistaken this game also exist for pc.
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