Configurations never save
As the title says, I can't seem to save a single thing. As an example, I can go to the cd plugin and choose where my game iso is, then go out and immediately go back to the plugin and check if it's still set to the game. It never is. It's like this for every option. Whenever I even open the emulator it always says "pcsx2 needs to be configured." In addition, the graphics plugin always gives a NULL error once I hit "OK" to get out of the config menu, so I go back and then press OK again, then it seems fine, though nothing still saves :/

Any idea what the problem could be? I heard somewhere that it could be you need to have the program running in Administrator mode, but I have Vista set to that automatically..


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Click right mouse to icon pcsx2 then run as administrator.
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OK, I figured it out. I had it installed by Dling the installer and installing that way. For some reason the emulator works perfectly fine when I just get the 7zip file and extract it and go from there.

The question is why should this happen? Is it a bug or some special case for me? At least I got working now so whatever... Smile
This happen because you installed the emulator no your C drive which is highly protected and this is why the emulator couldnt make the INIs
It's called UAC, a Vista security feature. It works fine if you install it, you just have to either install it to a folder other than your programs folder, or right click them emu icon and run as administrator as Register said.
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