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Configure a PS3 controller
I play usually PC games with my PS3 controller.
How should I configure PCSX2 to play with the controller?

Please explain if you can step by step because I am new here.

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(02-12-2012, 07:51 PM)Bositman Wrote:

I know this site! And I configured my PS3 controller on PC.
My problem is I don't know the settings that I should change in PCSX2 so it works on it. I enter Config-- Controllers (PAD) -- Plugin settings
but then what should I do?
If Lilypad is detecting your pad, you just click on the Pad1 tab and click on each PS2 button at the right, then press the button you want to assign it to in your pad.
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I would like to piggyback on this topic; I also wish to use my ps3 controller with the emulator (since one of my games is budokai 3, and my 360 controller isnt sensitive enough I guess), and I've seen 2 options everytime: a driver package that people say its sorta 50/50, and motioninjoy

I would use motioninjoy, but with all the problems I've been hearing about it, im afraid that if I install it, it'll damage my computer somehow in a way I cant recover from; is there any other way to get my ps3 controller to work with my pc and the emulator, or if there isnt, is there a way I can use motioninjoy and uninstall it without too many, if not any problems at all?

I use the 360 wireless dongle with appropriate drivers, and I'd like to retain those drivers, and my computer has a built in bluetooth device (Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + High Speed Adapter), along with the microsoft bluetooth enumerator and bluetooth server drivers
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Use this
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Hmm, so there's that; but question: is it easy enough to reverse everything it changes with the BT adapter I have built into my computer, so I can use other devices with the adapter; just want to cover all the bases so I don't B.S.O.D my comp to oblivion
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Lilypad can be confusing sometimes. When you successfuly connect your DS3 into the PC, check the XInput option (which falsely says it's for XBox360 controllers only).

EDIT: I didn't read all the posts again. *facepalm*
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