Configure for 8600gt.
Hey i using the new pcsx2 0.9.8 - r4500
gs: gsdx4600 (msvc.15,ssse 3.0)0.1.16
pad:lilypad 4600
What is the best configure ?

I playing dbz infinite world..


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So, you're certain that you're GPU is your issue? Because you could just lower the resolution to reduce the load on it.

Likewise, maybe it's your CPU. That would call for some Speedhacks...
I just want the best config for my specs XD.

Well , I have 60 fps , but the sound is slow.. i using the linear..

any suggestion how to fix it ? , And i enabled the speedhack and i disable the limiter because 60 fps is kinda slow on this game :o.

btw , there is going to be PS3 emulator Ohmy ?
use the cubic. mine works better. speedhacks might be stopping spu2-X from going fast. Change the settings in the Spu2-x or use ZeroSPU2 for better timing. Tongue2
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