Configure to play with NFS Underground 2, and GTA San Andreas

I have downloaded the very latest version of PCSX2. I am trying to configure PCSX2 to play GTA San Andreas and NFS Underground 2. I have followed a number of guides and am having no luck.

GTA will start and play okay, but there is like some sort of extra display. It has the top left corner of the screen, zoomed in, and playing over the top of the game (full-screen). I also get moments when the audio begins to lag (the words on the radio begin to stretch out, so do the sounds of the car and pretty much every other sound). Also, sometimes when I am driving the road will will glitch and show a number of retro colours, (this only lasts for a split second), but happens quite reguarly.

As for NFS Underground 2, it doesn't lag at all, that is until I hit the menu when a car appears, then it just dies! :/ Everything is super slow, and when I try to race, I experience MAJOR lag. It takes like 10-20 seconds to just countdown the start of a race.

I checked the minumum requirements and I am pretty sure that I have all the correct hardware. My hardware specs are:

Computer Model: Dell XPS L702x 17" Laptop
CPU: Intel Core-i7 2720QM 2.3ghz with turbo boost upto 3.3ghz.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 555m (Full specs are there
RAM: 2x4gb DDR3

I am also trying to output the signal onto my television. I have hooked up an Xbox 360 controller with the receiver and that works fine. Also, I downloaded a program called game booster to utilize my computers performance, and have also disabled all Windows features.

Any help on configuring it to suit my hardware specs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PS: If you need anymore specs just let me know.

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I highly recommend you uninstall Game Booster.

Last I knew, NFS Underground 2 will run faster with a software renderer, but it takes a very fast processor to play fast. Might be a bit too much.

Also, last I knew, GTA San Andreas has a couple graphical glitches:

One of them is those random little display errors on the ground.
It actually appears to be the map.
That is fixed with software rendering, if I remember right.

The other can be fixed with the Skipdraw hack (at like 1, 2 or 3).
It is a hidden hack in the GS plugin settings.

You can enable the hidden hacks by adding the following line to the bottom of your GSdx.ini file:


Unfortunately, the real issue is that you can't use Skipdraw with a software renderer... Sad
But you could always check the newest SVN build to see if these games had any fixes. Smile

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