Configuring Controller
Hello all!

I'm having trouble configuring a generic USB controller to work with PCSx2. I tried configuring the controller with all 3 plug ins that come with PCSx2. But nothing works, I can start up a game but the buttons on the controller do nothing. I followed the guide for configuration and checked the FAQs and did a search on the board but didn't really find anything that has helped the situation. My computer is reading the controller and I can test the controller in lilpad and I can set each button. When I try to save the setup for the controller it gives me an error of " Unable to save settings.Make sure the disk is not full or write protected,and the app has permissions to write to the directory. On vista try running in administrator mode." I am the administer for my computer.

Please any help would be great.....I wanna finally complete Star Ocean:Untill the End of Time....its only been like 13

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I figured it out. I guess even though im logged in as an administrator, I still had to run the program in administer mode. After I did that was able to map keys and everything is pretty peachy right now.


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