Confused about Memcard

2.Memory card Exploit

What this will allow you to do is upload custom executables (.ELF) files to your ps2 and execute them.

A) First look at your psx disc and note the disc ID. The disc ID will
be in the format SLUS-01473, and will be on both the case and the cd

B) Now create a folder on your hard drive to keep all the exploit files
in. For this example we will use C:\PS2Exploit. After that is
downloaded, grab the MemcardExploit.rar below and extract it to your

C) After extracting you should see CDGenPS2.exe, titleman.exe,
TITLE.DB, and the Exploit folder. Open a command prompt and switch to
that directory.

New to PCSX2 and I am stuck at this step. It states the .rar is found below but the stated .rar is no where to be seen on that post link. Can anyone clear this up for me as this might be something I am easily not seeing?

Thanks a lot.

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It is attached at the bottom of the post as memoryexploit.rar
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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