Congratulations on Ace combat belkan war and ACE5 Progress
Hi Guys, i just tried the version 5408/5407 from SVN and it looks that the two games are running a little better. The Textures and the choose-a-plane still arent better, but still. its a progress and im just here to Congratulates you , felow, Programmers.

Im Anxiously expecting that, so i can mix it with Xfire-in-game and record me playing Ace combat. So noobs can be jealous of my style.

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I Also want to Congratulate This Following Programmers (Sorry If Im Forgetting someone) : refraction,gregory.hainaut,sudonim1,gigaherz,ramapcsx2.
Im sure im forgetting someone , because the SVN list is by half.

But thanks a lot.

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