Connect keyboard to ps2
I have become so used to playing on pcsx2 without a controller that when I actually play on my ps2 the controller feels awkward. Is there a way to connect a keyboard to my ps2?

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There may or may not be converters for a conventional keyboard for purchase on the net. Hell, the PS2 has a USB port if i'm not mistaken, plug it in and see.

But i do know for a fact that exist keyboards specifically made for the PS2. Saw it after researching a bit about Monster Hunter Online. I cannot tell you where to find one though.
Indeed 14sakuya you need to have a USB-Compatible Keyboard for the Playstation 2 before you can actually use one. Not all game has the support for it aswell. Dirge of Cerberus does play with Keyboard + Mouse or the PS2 Gamepad.

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