Connecting a xbox 360 gamepad to pcsx2
    hi i am new to this and having trouble connecting my wired 360 controller on pcsx2 in plugins ssspsx 0.10 i can configure it but it isnt usable please help lilypad isnt working

and i need help on image 2 what do i set it to?

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Lilypads isn't working?
You do realize your first pic is of the SSSPSX pad configuration, yet your second pic is of Lilypad's general configuration, right?

These are two different plugins that can't be used together, so I'm confused as to which you're configuring.

Set the PAD plugin to Lilypad, disable the multi-tap if you're not using it, disable DirectInput in Lilypad's general tab (since 360 pads are XInput), then configure Lilypad in it's own "Pad 1" tab.
ughh why trying so hard if it can be done easily?
use Xpad. Simple as that Tongue2

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