Hello all,

I've tried searching the forums for an answer but can't seem to get one.

I have connected my PS2 controller to my PC. Using Lilypad, I can successfully bind all the buttons but in game I can't use the controller at all.

Using SSSPSX PAD I get to bind all the keys. (I can use the controller in game).

However, The LX and LY bindings don't work. I have to bind the analog stick to the D-pad's up down left right.

I am using windows 7 and have always opened pcsx2 as admin.
The controller is attached to the PC via a USB-PS2 controller.

Am I doing anything incorrectly?


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Try to select another input method in Lilypad.
Also make sure the analog lamp is on on your controller, or else the direction mapping won't work.
try using Xinput in lillypad. it works for me (I'm using a pc pad though)

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