When i use this app, he work perfectly for a few minuts, and then the led start to blinking, and gets a strong delay in the commands, how i can fix that?

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Can you post here a screenshot of console?
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I don't know how i can do that, but this can help?
31/12/2014 22:34:55> INFO: Starting...
31/12/2014 22:34:55> INFO: Searching for controllers....
31/12/2014 22:34:55> INFO: Using Exclusive Mode
31/12/2014 22:34:55> TRACE: 84:17:66:2D:4B:21 device start
31/12/2014 22:34:56> INFO: Found Controller: 84:17:66:2D:4B:21 (USB)
31/12/2014 22:34:56> INFO: Controller 1 is using Profile "[Default]" in exclusive mode.
31/12/2014 22:34:56> TRACE: 84:17:66:2D:4B:21 power subsystem octet: 0x1b
31/12/2014 22:34:57> TRACE: Device connected 1380788|32768|7130464
31/12/2014 22:34:58> TRACE: Active application changed to C:\Program Files (x86)\DSDCS\DS4Windows\DS4Windows.exe
31/12/2014 22:35:03> ERROR: 84:17:66:2D:4B:21 encountered write failure: 995
31/12/2014 22:35:03> ERROR: 84:17:66:2D:4B:21 encountered write failure: 1167
31/12/2014 22:35:04> WARNING: Controller 01 (84:17:66:2D:4B:21) is experiencing latency issues. Currently at 14,14ms of recomended maximum 10ms

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