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Controller Config
Alright so i have pcsx2 installed and it starts games fine, but i can't figure out how to configure my controller for the games. My controller is a ps3 rock candy so idk if the usb has anything to do with it, or if i'm not supposed to use motioninjoy for it. So if anyone has any tips or a guide, that'd be a big help.[/font]

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The simplest thing you can do is plug it in and see if it's picked up in lilypad when you try to map the controls. If it does, then it's all good and you should need nothing else to set it up for pcsx2
alright thx a ton dude what if lilypad is grayed out?
(04-15-2014, 12:34 AM)sunSlammer Wrote: alright thx a ton dude what if lilypad is grayed out?

I do not understand how that might be the case. What do you mean?
I'll plug in my controller and check lilypad under controllers and it's grayed out and won't open
You need to click on plugin settings below.. Mellow
oops :Ninja
(04-15-2014, 03:16 AM)sunSlammer Wrote: oops :Ninja
sweet jegus thx dude

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