Controller Configuration
So I have a PS3 controller hooked up to my Mac. I'm running PCSX2 0.9.7 on Lion. The problem that I'm currently faced with is that when I go to configure the controls to use my controller, PCSX2 doesn't save my changes. I can go through and map every button input to its corresponding button on the controller and it recognizes it just fine but as soon as I leave that configuration page, PCSX2 forgets all of my changes. Ive tried using OnePad 1.1.0 but when I ran it, nothing really seemed to happen. Some help on how to properly configure my controls would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Well I actually figured that part out. The button to save the settings was down below the bottom of my screen and it wouldn't let me simply resize the window. But I played around with it and eventually got it to show up like it should. Now my problem is the sound, though. As I load up Kingdom Hearts 2, there's no sound. I've only gotten to the title screen before I quit and retry or whatever but I'm about 99.8% sure that it should be playing music at that screen. Any help on getting my sound to work would be great! Thanks!

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