Controller Help?
Hello, fellow users.

To get right to the point, I downloaded PCSX2 recently (to clarify, this was not the first time I had it. Before, I did not have this problem, but I digress...) and patched a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix to English. When I loaded it, it started up just fine, but there was one problem I do not know how to fix. 
The controls for the game are somewhat inverted. The control sticks and D-pad work just as intended, but the face buttons are what bothered me. X (or A in my case, since I have a [third party] wired Xbox 360 controller) presses O, and so on. There may be more to it, but I have not gotten to that point just yet. Also, I checked the controller mapping settings, and they seem good, I mapped everything correctly, but this issue is still there. Is there something wrong with a plugin or my bios?

Thank you in advance,

EDIT: I did a little more research, and it turns out that in some Japanese PS2 games, the X and O buttons are switched. If that is the case, then I made a stupid mistake by posting this thread. I will look further into this.

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