Controller Hotkey Issue
So I have dualshock 3 that I've setup through SCP and everything works perfectly other than a few little issues with some apparent hotkey bindings.

Clicking down on the left thumbstick brings up a text menu (that I can back out of with O), pressing start exits the emulator window (I can select "Resume" from the System drop down menu and the emulation window opens back up right where I left off so this isn't game breaking, but still annoying), and holding R1 while pressing X toggles between fullscreen and a smaller window (an issue when playing Resident Evil 4 when this is how you fire your main weapon).

So my question is how do I turn off all these annoying little hotkey bindings? Thanks guys for your time, I've searched Google and the read first and configuration threads and can't find anything on this. I've tried playing around in the configuration settings to no avail either.

*Nevermind fixed, controller was running through Steam*

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