Controller Input Problems
So I just got around to getting the program installed and getting a game (Dark Cloud) up and running, and it was running perfectly last night, and the controls weren't giving me any problems aside from the right analog stick being held a tiny bit to the left causing a constant camera shift (now it is telling me the X axis and Y axis are being held down completely randomly).

After I finished playing for the night, I turned the program off and went to sleep, but today when I tried playing the game, the controls got all wonky on me, and I can't seem to get them to work correctly anymore. The input is setting up very strangely (like saying L1 is L2, and L2 is L1 and L3 is select, etc.) and when I get the controls set correctly and go into the game to play, if I Press R2 and then try to move it changes the analog sticks and then acts as if I am holding one of the analog sticks down completely, making the camera aim directly into the air.

I am using a standard DualShock3 controller, and the MotionInJoy input plugin.

Here is a picture of the controls it registers (and this is with 2 different controllers even) [Image: JliRrHy.jpg]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to be playing this game again, never got around to finishing it!

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Test it at the Windows level. Open the Devices and Printers and right click the controller icon and then "Controller Settings" and click the button "Properties".

The inclusion of Motioninjoy makes complicate to tell what is really the problem. You should verify the controller plugin at PCSX2 and see if something changed in there also.
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