Controller Issues (Using PS3 with MotioninJoy)
I installed the .dll that you need for lilypad to use Motion, all of the tests I've done show each button tripping the right input, but once I load into the game I have (SSX On Tour) R2 and L2 are switched with start and select. At the very start of a run both of them work as they should, but as soon as my board hits the snow they flip, wondering if anyone knows about this happening in other games.

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No clue about this.Sorry :/
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(08-29-2012, 09:13 PM)PostalDude Wrote: No clue about this.Sorry :/
Then why even post?

Did you check how the buttons were assigned in lilypad when you enabled the controller in the MotioninJoy window? I assume you're using the MiJ DS3 stand alone program (a small green window with a pink enable button)?
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use the Scarlet.Crushes xinput wrapper+filter for ps3 controls instead of motionjoy

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