Controller Issues (With Sports Games?)
So I've Had This Emulator For Months Now, And It Works Very Well With Most Games, But For Some Reason, No Matter What Sports Game I Try To Play, The Game Will Not Let Me Control Anything. Everything Loads Up Fine And The Music And Sound Are Great, But The Controller Simply Will Not Work For ANY Sports Game (Whether It's NCAA Football, Madden, NBA 2K, etc. IT DOES NOT MATTER), Yet When I Try To Play Any Other Game In My Catalogue My Controller Works Fine. I'm Pretty Sure This Is Not A Coincidence, But I Know These Games Aren't Huge Storage Wise, And My Computer Runs Games Twice The Size At FPS With Ease. I've Also Seen These Games Run Before. Please Let Me Know What I Can Do.

My Computer: 2018 MacBook Pro 16 GB Ram i7 Processor
Using A Dual-shock 3 Controller Hooked Up Via USB

Let Me Know Any Other Information You Need.


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