Controller Movement & Rotation Bug *Solved*
Not sure if its known or not, or No one else has experienced it, on a PS4 controller of mine which I use Bluetooth connection.

When I move the L-Analog Stick a bit to the left or right I walk or move slowly, but when I turn the R-Analog Stick the camera then makes me move faster again.

I noticed this from Kingdom Hearts 2 (NTSC-U) SLUS-21005 in case this helps.

Photos of my Controller should be attached and two of them should show what happens, but the game isn't the photos, so trust my word it happens to me.

Forgot to mention, It was on PCSX2 1.6.0

EDIT: It turns out it was the sensitivity, I reset the config from some idiot which wasn't me set it in the file, Done it for the both turns of the L-Stick, it reset to 1.330

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