Controller Problems
So, me and my friend wanted to play Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkachi 3 2 players. So what we did was we connected both of our PS3 controllers and we configured 1 controller to Pad 1 and then the 2nd controller to Pad 2 (This is with the lilypad plugin btw) and we loaded up the game and what we discovered was that the controller that was in pad 1 was the only one that worked. The controller in Pad 2 didn't respond to the game at all. So we did the multitap stuff and we put 1 controller into Pad 1A and the 2nd controller into Pad 1B. Still no response from the controller in Pad 1B. We tried switching controllers into the opposite pad. (The controller that was in Pad 1 was put into Pad 2 etc.)

Help would be much appreciated Biggrin

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